At least once a month between April and October, members go out in the field to collect and learn about rocks and minerals. Day trips to multi-day outings are led by an experienced member of the society, and are a great way to meet other members and gain some useful knowledge!

Field Trips

Field Trips 2024!

Wonderstone Mountain – April 6 th day trip

Huffaker Hills, Reno – April 13 th 3 hours

Lovelock – May 5 th day trip

Luning – May 25 th -27 th

Gabbs – June 8 th -9 th

Texas Springs – July 4 th -7 th

Fairview – July 27 th -28 th

Gabbs Opalized Wood - August 2 nd – 4 th

Austin - August 31 st -September 2 nd

Tonopah - September 21 st -22 nd

Black Rock - October 4 th – 7 th

Coaldale - October 18 th -19 th


+Instructions will be provided for Davis Creek Obsidian and Oregon Sunstones

++Plus three additional planned day trips TBA for Crystal Peak, amethyst, and a field trip from Eric Lundin.


  1. Wonderstone – Lead by Steve Smith, this trip is 20 minutes from our meetup in Fallon. Collecting

Wonderstone. Most vehicles okay, but no street-only vehicles.

  1. Huffaker Hills – Guided geology hike lead by Professor Roger Putnam. Learn about the formation of

our own valley from a local expert. Moderate hike.

  1. Lovelock – Collecting rainbow jasper, light blue agate and Apache tears. Anything but street-only

vehicle to rainbow jasper. 4WD and high clearance required for Apache tears. Will do the jasper and

agate in the morning, Apache tears after lunch. 2 hours from Reno.

  1. Luning – Collecting ammonites and other sea fossils. First overnight trip on Memorial Day weekend.

RV campsite in Mina with showers! 4WD high clearance vehicles only. Plan to visit Luning rock shop!

3 hours from Reno. Could be done as a day trip (a long one).

  1. Gabbs – Lead by the Metzgers for a variety of rocks including jasper, agate, and petrified wood from

Gabbs Valley. 4WD high clearance vehicles only. Camping at Quartz Mountain on Hwy 361. 2 hours

from Reno. Easily done as a day trip.

  1. Texas Springs – The famous pink limb casts. Maps will be provided to campsite. 4WD high clearance

vehicles. Great ranch road to campsite to tow campers. Plan on 7-8 hours to campsite.

  1. Fairview – Collecting blue agates. 2 hours from Reno, high clearance 4WD only. Campsite near dig site

with good road able to tow campers. Very difficult digging only.

  1. Gabbs Opalized Wood – Back to our opalized trees north of Gabbs. Mostly hard digging. 4WD high

clearance vehicles. Camping at Quartz Mountain on Hwy 361. 2 hours from Reno.

  1. Austin – Collecting Mt. Airy geodes, fluorite, and snakeskin agate. 3 day weekend, but any day can be

done as a day trip. High clearance 4WD only. Camping/RV near the Mt. Airy site. Motels or RV sites

available in Austin.


  1. Tonopah – Special fee dig on Saturday at the Royal Blue Mine.

All vehicles can make this one. Hotels in Tonopah. For those staying, Tori and I will be organizing a

ghost tour on Saturday night and a visit to the mining museum on Sunday. 4 hours from Reno.

  1. Black Rock Desert – collecting Black Rock geodes. 4WD high clearance vehicles. The playa must be dry

as we have to cross the entire thing! Camping on the playa. 4 hours from Reno.

  1. Coaldale – Trip to the Monte Cristo range lead by Jim Welker. Collecting agate, jasper, rhyolite, and

more. About 3.5 hours from Reno. 4WD high clearance vehicles only. Good campsite for RVs off of

Highway 6.


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