Welcome to The Reno Gem & Mineral Society, Inc.

The Reno Gem & Mineral Society, Inc. (RGMS) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation, organized for the purpose of creating, developing, and encouraging interest in earth sciences, as well as gem and mineral hobbies.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Reno Gem & Mineral Society, Inc. is to create, develop, and encourage interest in the Earth Sciences and to locate and identify various material through field trips. As a 501(C)(3) corporation RGMS qualifies for donation
write-offs of cash and materials. Donation receipts are available at the society's headquarters.


Upcoming Events

Open to the public

General Meeting 1st Wednesday of the Month

  • Open House every Monday
    • - Rock Bldg, 11 am - 9 pm

Online 32Auctions, Saturday Rock Sale and Saturday Open House

Not held September (Jackpot if Gems-plenty of Rocks at JPOG!).
Resume October


President's Message

Welcome to our website. As the President of the Reno Gem and Mineral Society, Inc., I am proud of our growth the last 3 years. We are expanding our building, new classrooms, new equipment, and opportunities. Our Mission statement is above. Our goal is to advance the education in geology and earth sciences and we offer a children’s program on one Saturday a month where they can learn and earn badges. We love to share finds with new members, where to go, and what to do with those finds. You need only have an interest in rocks, not be an expert or a geologist. Join us on the first Wednesday of each month at Baldini’s upstairs at 7PM.

What We Offer

The Reno Gem & Mineral Society, Inc.'s objective is sharing of enjoyment and education of all earth science related activities.


RGMS Online Monthly Auction

Looking for a special rock or mineral specimens, used equipment or handmade jewelry?

Visit our Monthly Online Auction. There will be a new auction every month.

32auction link


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