Volunteer Opportunities

The Reno Gem and Mineral Society (RGMS) is governed by and functions with the help of volunteer members. Our team of officers, board members and support personnel are all volunteers. 

Member volunteers allow RGMS to provide the educational programs and activities from which we all benefit. Volunteers bring the innovation and creativity that has made RGMS valuable to its members.  Volunteering is NOT a one-way street.  Working with other volunteers with similar interests and objectives results in close friendships that cannot be duplicated.

RGMS has a wide range of activities which require a multitude of skills - administrative, scientific, computer/internet, geographical and engineering.  If you are willing to volunteer your services, we would love for you to join our team! 

Open Positions.

The Coronavirus has slowed our activities tremendously.  Some open positions are listed below but help is needed in almost every area.  As RGMS activities increase we will need to be ready to accommodate an increased level of programs.  Member volunteer involvement is critical at all levels.

Field Trip Director - maintains a record of collection sites and arranges or leads field trips.

Membership Director - assists new members with applications and information packets, collects dues, maintains an up-to-date roster, and introduces new members at meetings.

Volunteer Director - recruits members for open positions, coordinates volunteer activities, and reports volunteer progress to the board of directors.

Historian - assembles and maintains a file of bulletins and documents annual events.  RGMS has been around more than 50 years.

Junior Rockhounds Program Advisor – develops and guides junior Rockhound activities.  Reports to the board of directors.

Assistant to Security Director   Assist the Security Director in providing security for society assets and events.

Social Media Assistant.  Assist the Social Media Director in managing our social media accounts and assist in coordinating email blasts to Society members.

Website Development help.

The new RenoGMS.org website is stimulating ideas of features to we can add to the website.  

Pictures.  The website is a work in process.  Relevant pictures from member collections for different pages on the website improve interest in the subject.

Geologists. Help provide more in-depth information for instance on Field Trip locations. 

Internet Knowledge.  Help us use available technology.

Other.  Check out the website.  Make suggestions and provide material that you would like to see added.

Website/Internet podcasts.  "We’re seeking volunteers for audio and video recording, a coordinator for scheduling recordings of instructors, help writing and producing scripts, and additional assistance with our website offerings. Please note that these are temporary volunteer positions during the pandemic, not long-term commitments. To volunteer, please contact Linda Johnston via this website CONTACT page.  Specify “Linda Johnston” as the person you want to contact.