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Membership in the Reno Gem and Mineral Society (RGMS) is to be a member of a Society that was started in Reno over 50 years ago. RGMS membership offers many benefits including a fully equipped Lapidary Shop, numerous Classes (Classes require advance registration), and Field Trips. Members also provide educational outreach programs to schools and other organizations.

To become a member, complete the Membership Application Form and payment of dues. Upon payment of fees members are eligible to participate in all RGMS activities and classes.

For any questions, contact Membership@renogms.org

Reno Gem and Mineral Society Membership Expectations

Membership is about expanding and sharing your love for the Earth Sciences. RGMS is run by members to educate members and the public. Time you spend volunteering and sharing your knowledge and interests with others leads to many special memories and long-lasting friendships.

  • Educational Outreach events educate children and adults about earth sciences and the uses of minerals, gems, and fossils.
  • Classes are provided to educate members to use equipment to manipulate minerals, gems, and fossils and to create works of art.

When using the Rock Building, respect the facilities and equipment. Member and class fees provide funds for the facilities, equipment, and maintenance. If a piece of equipment is damaged, inform the instructor so the situation is addressed promptly.

Many rocks and rock displays are held in the Rock Building. Make sure members are informed when removing material from the Rock Building. Communication builds friendships and helps avoid misunderstandings.

  • Field Trips go to various locations (usually in Nevada) where members may collect and learn about rocks and minerals. Resources are limited. Field Trip leaders take time and effort to locate a site that contains material and then lead members to that site. When a member participates on a Field Trip, it is expected that they will not bring outside groups to take material from the same area or stake claims that exclude member access to these sites in the future.
  • Events such as the Jackpot of Gems and RGMS Craft Fairs are held to promote member products and to raise funds for our society.

Participate in RGMS activities. Respect other members. Be responsible. Communicate with other members. Volunteer your time and knowledge.


NEW AND RETURNING MEMBERS: Please download, print, and fill out the Membership Application Form below. Mail the completed Membership Application along with your check to: RGMS Membership, 480 S. Rock Blvd, Sparks, NV 89431.  We will notify you via email when your membership has been processed.


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