Cold Connections

Cold Connections

Students will learn how to create a design layout by using template shapes formed around your freeform object/rock then transferring that design to metal.  Once the metal is cut out to the desired shapes the student will texture and file the shapes to their desire before connecting the pieces together.  Students will also gain a basic knowledge of tools and why certain tools are used for specific reasons.  Students will complete at least 1 pendant in this class and have materials left over to complete more in class or at home. 

Students should bring the following items: 

  • Pen, paper, glue stick, metal ruler/mm gauge, scissors & thin cardboard (i.e., cereal box), black sharpie. 
  • Freeform cabochons or polished rocks with a flat back (minimum 2 irregular shaped stones. 
  • Straight cut snips/shears for cutting sheet metal (make sure there are no “teeth” on the cutting edge), flush cutters. 
  • Tools – Flat files, round hole punch (1.8mm), Bezel roller, Hammers – weighted rawhide, chasing, ball peen, riveting, replaceable face with brass and nylon faces, Flat and round nose pliers (make sure there are no “teeth” on the cutting edge), Flush cutters – must be able to cut through 14 gauge wire. 
  • Finishing – sanding cloths/paper or pad sets, any combination of 400 grit to 2000 grit 
  • Steel bench block, sandbag or hand towel (to absorb sound), workspace cover. 
  • Lunch or snacks. 

There is Class Kit fee which must be paid before class – cash only.  The kit will include the following items: 

  • 6’ x 6” 26 gauge Copper sheet – dead soft 
  • 6’ x 6” 26 gauge Jeweler’s Brass – dead soft 
  • 3” x 3” 26 gauge Sterling Silver – dead soft 
  • 1” 16 gauge Sterling Silver round wire – dead soft 
  • 2’ 14 gauge Copper round wire – dead soft 
  • Miscellaneous rivets/eyelets Brass and Copper 
  • 3 sheets of patterns for design templates/ideas 
  • Informational handouts. 


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