What You Can Learn!

Here are some video examples of what you can do with what you learn in our classes.


If you have a suggestion for a class you would like to see, or would like to teach a class, email Julie Hilsabeck at [email protected]. When enough students sign-up and an instructor is found new classes can be scheduled!

Please Note:

To register for classes you must either be a member or have $1 million of liability insurance naming RGMS as the certificate holder. If you are not a member, you must present a valid insurance certificate at registration; otherwise, to register for classes you must wait until the next general meeting after you join. Your insurance is included in the RGMS membership fee.

Registration for classes is done at the General Meeting, the 1st Wednesday of each month. They are first-come, first-served, with no pre-sign ups allowed due to limited space. Payment can be made at time of registration, and is due by first class meeting.

Official information regarding scheduling and class details is published in The Conglomerate.

While classes are geared towards adults, children may register for classes at the discretion of the instructor.

*Special Note: To use the workshop during Open House times, all members are required to complete at least 2 months of beginning lapidary class and be signed off by the instructor.


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