Wax Model Making for Casting

A Reno Gem and Mineral Society Class Offering

What You Will Learn: Students will learn how to make original wax models for lost wax casting using a buildup technique. Pieces will be cast so students will learn the entire process of lost wax casting, but the emphasis will be on wax modeling, not casting. We will not attempt to teach casting clean-up, polishing, or actual stone setting. Those techniques are taught in silversmithing classes by others. The first project will be a filigree type wax made with small wax wire. We will provide drawings for several designs. (Students may design their own first piece as long as it is similar to the designs we provide.) This project will introduce the basic techniques and provide practice in handling the wax. After the first piece, students may make whatever they want and the instructors will assist as necessary. Students should come with ideas for their subsequent projects and bring whatever stones they want to use. With five 8-hour days, students typically take one day to make the first piece then make a couple of their own designs during the remaining time. Class will be limited to eight students.

Class Materials, Tools, and Supplies: Instructors will loan the tools and provide sufficient waxes needed for the class. Students will have to provide their own magnification if needed, either a visor or 3.5 power reading glasses are recommended.

Cost: Silver casting grain and investment powder, which can be provided at cost by instructors.

Schedule: TBA (Tentatively five 8-hour weekend days in March). Bring a lunch.

Instructors: Tim and Janet Steeper

***Important Safety Info!!!***

Students will work with a small alcohol flame, dental pic, exacto knife, and single edge razor blades. Please exercise caution.