FIELDTRIP LEADER:  Kayla Wieczorek 218.213.0457

SPECIMIN MINERALS: Jasper, Opalized wood, agate

CAB MINERALS: Jasper, Opalized wood, agate

DATE: May 13-15, 2022

MEETUP: Quartz mountain Road Campsite approximately 17 miles south of Middlegate Station on NV 361.

Look for a yellow and black sign “RGMS” right before the turn into the campsite.

Head east on Hey 80 to Fernley. Exit towards Hwy 50 east. Follow 50 east until you reach Fallon. I suggest to fuel up here as there are no further fuel stops. When you reach Middlegate you will see a sign for NV 361 towards Gabbs. Turn right here and follow for approximately 17 miles. On the left side you will see a yellow and black “RGMS” sign on the side of the road ½ mile prior to the campsite turn. You will be able to see campers/vehicles from the road. 

Friday May 13: Arrival day. Trip leader will be onsite at 12pm at the Quartz Mountain Rd campsite. There are multiple locations near by we can do a short trip to in the afternoon.

Saturday May 14th: Opalized Wood All Day Dig Day. We will depart the campsite at 8am-4ish and caravan to the dig site about a 10 mile/ 20 min drive on dirt roads. The last 2 miles are rough. We will dig all day with no return to camp for lunch, please plan accordingly.
POTLUCK: The highlight of the overnight trips! We will begin our potluck at 6pm at the campsite. Please bring a dish to share and your own plate and silverware.

Sunday May 15th: Jasper and agate dig. We will depart the campsite at 8am and travel to 2 destinations. The day will finish around 1pm back at the campsite for departure and camp clean up.

DESTINATION: Gabbs Valley NV Churchill and Mineral county’s.

VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS: 4WD/AWD vehicles with stock clearance ok. Side by sides welcome. The final approach to the wood is on a rough washboard road.

ACCESSIBILITY: Small hills to explore by foot, surface picking, manual labor digging in 12-15ft holes. Appropriate for all ages and all mobility levels.


WILDLIFE AND ENVIRONMENT: This is a desert environment so expect Snakes, spiders, scorpions, coyotes. There are no know mine shafts in the area however there are multiple holes 3-15ft deep where we will be digging.

SUPPLIES: Food, water, eye protection, gloves, and digging tools

WHO CAN GO? Current RGMS club members.


  • Water (Never has anyone said, “Darn! I brought too much water!”)
  • Food for the duration of your trip (something to share at potluck)
  • Clothing to be dusty in
  • Some form of mask/buff. The volcanic dust we dig in is quite fine and will kicked up as we dig.
  • Eye-protection. Glasses are better than nothing, but keep in mind they are not designed for impact. Rocks are hard and eyeballs are squishy, protect yourself.
  • Gloves with nitrile coating
  • Rock hammer
  • Small Sledgehammer
  • Flathead screwdriver with a long head (Can be found for $1.00 at Lowes)
  • Chisel with hand guard (Lowes has the best in my opinion)
  • Prybar/crowbar
  • Bucket(s)
  • Rags (For protecting specimens)

We will be on public and private land. Put simply, please be respectful of this land. Tread lightly, do your best to park in already flattened areas. There are no restrooms where we will be, if you use natures restroom, dig a deep hole, and bury properly. Pack in what you bring and do not discard food scraps into the desert, this will attract unwanted critters. Hold each other accountable and learn from those around you. This planet is a treasure, we are fortunate to be able to dig for some beautiful creations. Treat this earth with respect as she is gifting some of her treasures to us.

Do not drive through the sage brush without being on a road.


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