The day started out with a nice, easy drive east on hwy 80 for about 45 minutes from Reno, so there was plenty of time to get ice and something for lunch before meeting up with Society members at the Nightingale exit. After getting instructions on where to go, the group headed out for the 30-minute ride down some dusty roads to the moss agate site where we were shown what to look for and where the veins were at the top of the hill. Some people drove to the top, and a lot more just walked along the bottom filling buckets with some very nice moss agate. Myself, I filled 2 buckets just from walking the bottom. There were lots of green and red moss agate and some white to collect. From there, we went to the fossil hill where there were a few million-year-old shells. I got good shells--both long spiral and round. I also found small clam shells and limpides. After some lunch and a soda, it was time to head back to Reno--another fun field trip.


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