Lovelock Flourite


SPECIMIN MINERALS: Fluorite and Dogtooth Calcite.


DATE: April 2nd (Saturday)

MEETUP: 7:00a.m., Love’s Travel Stop, Fernley, NV. Take I-80 East from Reno, Exit 46, northside of I-80

DEPARTURE: 7:15a.m.

DESTINATION: Top Secret, 35 minutes from Meetup location

VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS: 8 inches ground clearance, 2WD

ACCESSIBILITY: Open to people of all ages and physical ability. 

WEATHER: 69°F high, partly cloudy, no rain

PET FRIENDLY? YES! No known shafts in the area.

SUPPLIES: Food, water, eye protection, gloves, and digging tools

Detailed Events

MINERALS OF INTEREST: Fluorite and Dogtooth Calcite. The fluorite forms on the host rock in sheets or as individual crystals. Colors range from white/grey to green, crystals ranging from 3mm to 1.5 cm in diameter. Fluorite photo-bleaches in the sun, so if you want green, you have to dig. Nearby is another hill that has white dogtooth calcite ranging between 5mm to 2cm in length, sometimes bigger. A little information on these minerals; these are specimen pieces we’re digging up, and both these minerals are soft. It’s recommended bringing an abundance of rags to wrap your pieces.

MEETUP: We will be meeting at 7:00a.m. at Love’s Travel Stop, located at 825 Commerce Center Dr, Fernley NV. From Reno, drive Eastbound on I-80 and take Exit 46, turning left (Northbound) on West Main St. Love’s is located just on the northern side of I-80. Love’s Travel Stop is a 35 minute drive from Reno, so plan your time accordingly! We will depart at 7:15a.m.

DRIVING TO FIELD TRIP SITE: The field trip site is approximately 35 minutes from Loves, Eastbound on I-80. Any SUV or truck can make it, 4WD not required. Cars and smaller vehicles are able to get to within 2 miles of the dig site, but the dirt road can cause you to get stuck, so you’ll have to carpool the rest of the way. Your vehicle will be in line of site from the dig sight.

DIG SITE: The area consists of a 50ft tall mountain. Fluorite is located along the northern and western half (although I haven’t explored everything!). There is an old road that leads to the top that can easily be trekked on foot as well. Approximately 800ft to the east is another hill that contains dogtooth calcite. There is no road to this site.

WEATHER: Weather is predicted to be 69°F high, partly cloudy with a slight breeze, no rain

WILDLIFE AND ENVIRONMENT: This is Nevada, so expect scorpions, snakes, and spiders. There are no known shafts in the area, but not everything has been explored. Be mindful

WHO CAN GO? RGMS club members and close family members. You take all responsibility and liability for your actions and those of your family members. Please inform them of the hazards of rock hounding.


  • Water (Never has anyone said, “Darn! I brought too much water!”)
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Sunscreen.
  • Eye-protection. Glasses are better than nothing, but keep in mind they are not designed for impact. Rocks are hard and eyeballs are squishy, protect yourself.
  • Gloves with nitrile coating
  • Rock hammer
  • Small Sledgehammer
  • Flathead screwdriver with a long head (Can be found for $1.00 at Lowes)
  • Chisel with hand guard (Lowes has the best in my opinion)
  • Prybar/crowbar
  • Bucket(s)
  • Rags (For protecting specimens)


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